Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Little Egyptian Mythology

In Egyptian mythology, Imsety was one of the four sons of Horus (a major deity in Egyptian mythology). Imsety’s job was to protect the liver of the dead, which if you ask me, is somewhat too late. Imsety was protected by Isis. In the Book of the Dead, Isis is regarded as the giver of life and food to the dead. I don’t really know why the dead need to fed, but that is for someone else’s blog. Perhaps in Egyptian times everyone might have lived longer if the gods had protected them BEFORE they died, but that is just my personal opinion.

By the way, Horus’s other sons protected organs of the dead. Hapi protected the lungs, Duamutef protected the stomach, and Qebehsenuef protected the large intestines. It does not look like anyone was protecting the heart, the brain or the kidneys, which also may be why so many Egyptians died young.

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