Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Ten Commandments of Liver Disease

I heard a radio program about the Ten Commandments and decided to suggest some for liver disease:
  1. Thou shall put no other priorities before me (translation: no alcohol)
  2. Thou shall not idolize any other thing (translation: no alcohol)
  3. Thou shall not get drunk and take thy name in vain (translation: no alcohol)
  4. Remember thy liver and keep it holy (translation: no alcohol)
  5. Honor thy liver (translation: no alcohol)
  6. Thou shall not kill the liver (translation: no alcohol)
  7. Though shall not cheat on me (translation: do not have an affair with alcohol)
  8. Thou shall not steal any alcohol (no translation needed – you will hurt your liver AND go to jail )
  9. Though shall not bear false witness against thy liver (translation: no alcohol)
  10. Thou shall not covet another man’s bottle (nor should you buy your own bottle)

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