Friday, February 26, 2010

My Favorite Organ

When I teach a class about hepatitis, I like to include basic information about the liver. I begin by saying, "Let's talk about my favorite organ-the penis-oops, no, I mean the liver. It usually gets a laugh. The truth is, the liver IS my favorite organ. It's the largest internal organ. The skin is the largest organ, but I don't see how it can compete with the elegance of the liver. On the other hand, you couldn't live without either and both regenerate. So, I'd have to say that skin is my second favorite organ.

Another thing I like about the liver is that it is about the size of a football. It makes me smile, imagining Peyton Manning throwing a pass with a plastic liver instead of a football. I wonder how aerodynamic a liver is.

On another note, a reader sent back a comment, but it was in kanji. Since I could not read it, I could not publish it. So readers, although I am delighted to have an international audience, please comment in English or Yiddish.

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