Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ten Rules for Hepatitis C Treatment

I was moody and short-tempered during all three of my hepatitis C treatments. Here are my tongue-in-cheek rules for how to manage anger during while taking hepatitis C medications.
  1. Set up a tent in your backyard, local park, or anywhere at least 300 yards away from you. Banish anyone who doesn’t agree with you to live there, until they admit that you are right. I call it a ribavirin hut. If I am mad, you go to the ribavirin hut. After all, I am the one suffering here, so why should I give up my comfortable bed?
  2. Do not get a new computer or new operating system during this time. Avoid Window 8. Apple users—go ahead and feel smug and superior.
  3. Never call customer service while on hepatitis C treatment. It won’t be pretty.
  4. Keep hammers and other weapons a minimum of 50 feet from all computers, phones, and people.
  5. Do not watch the news. Let’s face it, news is a downer.
  6. Carry earplugs with you at all times to block out unwanted sounds, such as barking dogs, whining neighbors, and elevator music.
  7. Do not sign any contracts while on hepatitis C treatment. 
  8. If you are a gun owner, give your guns to a trusted friend until your treatment is over; someone who lives far away. I am serious about this.
  9. Practice restraint of pen and tongue. Remember you still want to have friends when treatment is over.
  10. Be prepared to apologize later. You may think your anger is justified, but unfortunately, you probably were in a state of altered consciousness, and perhaps over-reactive. Forgive yourself.  
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