Sunday, December 4, 2011

This American Liver

Last night I saw a performance of This American Life’s Ira Glass. If you don’t know this public radio show, add it to your humor and healing regimen. It isn’t always funny, but it is always healing. There are many ways to listen to This American Life, including the radio, Internet, and pod-casts.

I must confess that I have two fantasies about This American Life. The first is that I will be on the show. It would be cool to see an hour of hepatitis C-related stories. Not so far-fetched because in addition to the millions of Americans with it, there are millions and millions of people who know us. You’d have to live in the middle of nowhere to not be touched in some way by hepatitis C, although some may not realize they have it or know someone that does.

My other fantasy is to have a radio show using the same format, called This American Liver. This might not play outside of Peoria, but I think I could come up with enough liver stories to fill a show. In fact, this week’s This American Life featured a story about goose livers. The rejected names for the story were posted to Twitter: Liver Let Die, Dan and De Liver, Liver us from Evil.  

Now we are talking my kind of language.

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