Saturday, November 19, 2011

Liver News

This morning while reading my local newspaper, I realized that there are columns for all sorts of interests, but not one column that applies to everyone. There is news, the bridge column, sports, ads, comics, the police blotter, opinions, etc. What is missing? The LIVER COLUMN! Everyone has a liver – no one can live without one. Daily news about the liver can make for some riveting reading.
Speaking of news, I am delighted to announce the publication of my book, Free from Hepatitis C: Your Complete Guide to Healing Hepatitis C. The book is a practical manual written for patients. It describes treatment, and then walks patients through it from beginning to end. My experience as a patient who underwent treatment provided extensive personal research. As a nurse, I held the hands of many hepatitis C patients. My goal in writing this book was to hold as many more hands as I could through my words.
Free from Hepatitis C may be ordered through your local bookstore and is available on Amazon.


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