Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saying Goodbye to The Hepatitis Comics

It is with mixed emotions that I have decided to retire The Hepatitis Comics. I created this blog in October 2009 after learning about cancer bloggers who poked humor at aspects of their disease. For more than four years I’ve been laughing at my hepatic self, cracking jaundiced jokes and trying to soften the impact of living with liver disease.
What I did not anticipate is that one day my hepatitis C would be cured. That day is here, and naturally, I am overjoyed. However, I feel I’ve lost my prop. It borders on bad taste to make hepatitis C jokes when you don’t have it. Fortunately, hepatitis C treatment didn’t change my hair color, so I will continue to collect and tell blonde jokes. (Brunettes who tell blonde jokes are just jealous.)
Please follow me on my regular blog, LucindaPorterRN, where I will occasionally lob some liver levity. Thank you for reading The Hepatitis Comics. May you too, be free from hepatitis C, but still full of humor.  

1 comment:

  1. Your humor will be missed! I have no idea when my liver will laugh again. Again, congrats on curing HCV.
    Always Tina