Saturday, November 16, 2013

Unfortunate Hepatic Typos

A spelling mistake can change the meaning of words, so watch that spellchecker feature... 
  • Hepatologist vs herpetologist – Depending on whether you need help with your liver or your snake, be sure you know which specialist to consult
  • Hepatitis vs helpatitis – Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver; helpatitis is when all hell breaks loose in the liver
  • Gall bladder vs gull bladder – A gall bladder condition needs a physician, a gull bladder problem needs a veterinarian or an ornithologist
  • Liver vs lover – You don’t want to lose either. One you can’t live without; the other doesn’t complain
  • Pepsi vs hep C – Neither is good for you, but one isn’t contagious 

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