Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hepatitis C Greeting Cards

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I think we need special greeting cards for hepatitis C patients, and I have some ideas.
Cards for people who are on hepatitis C treatment, or are about to start:
  • “Wishing you luck on your hepatitis C treatment. May you avoid all side effects, except the weight loss one.”
  • “Don't worry about losing your hair. Once you've lost your eyesight, you won't notice.”
  • “There is a bright side to hepatitis C, but I can't remember what it is.”
  • “Look at the positive side of hepatitis C treatment—now you will be able to blame everything on the medications.”
  • “Has hepatitis C left you feeling blue? That is better than being yellow.”
  • “Is your liver down in the dumps? Hope you get well soon.”

A Christmas card for someone with hepatitis C: “Hope Santa brings you a shiny new liver for Christmas."
A New Year’s card for someone with hepatitis C: “Auld Liver Syne”
Attention Hallmark: You saw it here first. 

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