Saturday, January 19, 2013

Queen of What?

It's official—I have reached the pinnacle of my success. C.D. Mazoff, PhD declared that I am the Queen of Hepatic Hilarity. He even sent me a virtual crown.
Here is the background story. While writing an article about the recent Partner's Study for the HCV Advocate, Dr. Mazoff ask my husband and I for some statistical analysis of the data. (Click here to read the article.)
This is my reply: "If HCV (hepatitis C)  risk is ~1 per 190,000 sexual contacts, then you would have to have sex 6.5 times a day for 80 years, and assuming that you were an early-starter at age 10, you would be having sex until age 90. I think this is way more than Magic Johnson had sex. 
  • Your odds are 10x greater of getting murdered in the U.S. 18,000 to 1 
  • Odds are greater that you would die in an explosion: 1 in 107,787 
  • 100 x greater of dying from any kind of injury during the next year: 1 in 1,820"
"Dr. Mazoff wrote,  "PS: don’t blame me; remember this is from the Queen of Hepatic Hilarity!"

I wear this crown with pride. The jaundiced color goes well with my hair. 

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