Saturday, January 28, 2012

You Are the Best, the Liver of My Liver

According to Wikipedia, in Persian, Urdu, and Hindi languages the liver (جگر or जिगर or jigar) symbolically may represent bravery, strong feelings, or "the best." So, if I was Persian, instead of saying, “I saved you the best vegetables, the cream of the crop,” I might say, “I have saved you the liver of vegetables,” which kind of sounds gross. Liver squash has an unappetizing connotation.   

The term jan e jigar, is a term of endearment in Urdu. Translated, it means “the power of my liver." I can just see me whispering to my husband, “You are the power of my liver.” Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

Jigar is Persian slang is used to express desirability, especially when speaking about women. So, men, if you found a woman sexy, you might say she is a liver lady. I doubt this will get you a date with anyone, unless they are liver geeks.

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