Friday, September 2, 2011

The Liver Labor Union

It is Labor Day weekend, a time to honor the labor force in the U.S. What better way to celebrate than with a three-day weekend. Thinking about this holiday, I pondered over all the work the liver does. This three-pound organ is like a factory, powering the body and producing critical elements to keep us healthy. 

The liver can’t take the weekend off, because if it did, we’d be celebrating Labor Day from six feet underground. However, we can give the liver a break by keeping alcohol consumption to a level that the liver can handle. If you have hepatitis or another liver disease, this means no alcohol. Not much fun you say? Well cirrhosis isn’t exactly a picnic.

In honor of the labor the liver does, I propose we play some games. How about a rousing game of find-the-bile-duct, followed by three-livered races. We can end the evening with stargazing and hepatocyting. What a rousing end to summer! Now I can plan Halloween. Bobbing for gall bladders anyone?

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