Friday, July 29, 2011

World Hepatitis Day

Yesterday was officially designated as World Hepatitis Day. I don’t think this attracted as much press as the World Cup, but it did have its moments. A concert held in New York featured the Allman Brothers. Natalie Cole, Phil Lesh, David Crosby and Graham Nash also sang. Gregg Allman, Lesh and Crosby received transplanted livers because of hepatitis C; Cole has hep C and received a kidney transplant. It was an all-star line-up of donated organs.

Given that the greatest prevalence of hepatitis C is among Baby Boomers, I imagine that there were a lot of people at the concert wearing jeans and tie-dye shirts. If I had attended, I think I would have worn liver colors—red and yellow. I would have worn a big hat, like the kind you see at Green Bay Packers games, although instead of cheese, the hat would be a giant liver. We had better wipe out this disease soon before I go off the deep end and start looking ridiculous.  

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