Thursday, October 29, 2009

Telling our Stories

I believe that our stories can heal us. Karen Blixen wrote, "All sorrows can be borne if you tell a story about them." I tell my story so I can laugh. The situation may not be funny at the time, but hindsight is a humorist.

The second time I was undergoing treatment, I tried vainly to stay at the top of my game. I put sticky notes on nearly everything, attempting to remind myself of things I didn't want to forget. I even put a sticky note on my dashboard to remind myself to buy gas. One evening, on my way out for a relaxing evening of a hot tub soak and a massage, I ran out of gas. I had planted the sticky note right on the low fuel light. Even at the time, I had to laugh.

What are your stories?


  1. What I don't find funny is the brain fog that interferes with my life.. But then every now and then it lifts and I can play some Piazzolla, and even make some progress.. But it's not something I can count on.. I'm starting to accept that my dream of eventually being able to perform is probably a no go... So I give myself extra permission to enjoy my practice sessions just for me. Heppily yurs..CD

  2. when I was on my first year of treatment one of my students came into my classroom and she said, " I hate your liver." She was really talking about the teacher down the hallway who was a good friend and not a lover as she suspected but her use of the English language has a few mis steps thus her error and I thought to myself I am not too fond of my liver right now either.